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Melvyn Brown
Melvyn Brown Film Study Circle
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A Study Circle for Film Enthusiasts!

Directing the Cinematic Experience!
Making Silver Screen Magic!


Melvyn Brown announces a major initiative to meet the needs of the student, scholar and researcher in a proper, dynamic and indepth study of the international cinema. From the history of cinema, to the art of auteur theory, British new wave, method acting, Third World Cinema, War films, Black cinema, fantasy films, continuity editing, counter-cinema, censorship, flashback, gangster and detective thriller films, European cinema, documentary, mainstream cinema, narrative, independent cinema, Hollywood majors, horror and Italian neo-realism and much more.

All the above will be programmed in small study groups, in discussions and viewing some of the best films on the world circuit past and present.

FILM STUDIES is the official newsletter which contains the writings of critics and Directors, actors and actresses and especially for film theorists and sociologists. Considerable work has been put into the FILM STUDIES paper so that it becomes an invaluable guide for the student and researcher in the field of Cinema. From Luis Bunuel, Jean Renoir, Robert Bresson, David Lean. Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Luchino Visconti many having made personal documents of their work in cinema direction is now available to MEMBERS of the FILM STUDY CIRCLE.

A Directory of British Filmmakers and the Francois Braem Film Gallery is part of the Melvyn Brown Film Study Circle.
For further details in membership to the FSC contact Melvyn Brown, 3 Elliott Road, Calcutta-700 016, or Phone: 2217-1542.

Melvyn Brown is an ex-member Telecommunications Advisory Committee, Government of India.

The Francois Braem Film Gallery!

- Film and religion: resources;
- Film and religion courses;
- Medieval history in the movies;
- Peter Mullan's 'The Magdalen Sisters';
- More articles and reviews on Luis Bunuel (like Hitchcock, he went through a Jesuit education!);
- Robert Bresson, his films, catholicism and jansenism (and its historical role vis-a-vis the    Jesuits);
- a book edited by Justine Ashby and Andrew Higson: 'British Cinema, Past and Present'.

More materials on film studies on the following:
- Film studies;
- Indian film  - Hinduism;
- Middle Ages and film;
- Religion, Christ and film;
- Ingmar Bergman;
- Luis Bunuel (including the screenplay of The Milky Way in full);
- Robert Bresson;
- Italian Neo-realism and Roberto Rossellini.

- Sandro, P.: Diversions of Pleasure - Luis Bunuel and the Crises of Desire.
- Johnson, R.K.: Reel Spirituality: Theology and Film in Dialogue.


List of some DVDs:
- Alfred Hitchcock: The Lady Vanishes, and The Thirty-Nine Steps.
-Jean Renoir: La Bete Humaine, La Grande Illusion, Le Crime de Monsieur
Lange, and Une Partie de Campagne.
- Barry Levinson: Rain Man.
- Luchino Visconti: The Leopard.
- Robert Bresson: Pickpocket, Le Proces de Jeanne d'Arc and L'Argent.
- Stanley Kubrick: Paths of Glory.
- Charles Laughton: The Night of the Hunter.
- Daniel Vigne: The Return of Martin Guerre.
- Luis Bunuel: Belle de Jour, The Diary of a Chambermaid, The Milky
That Obscure Objet of Desire, The Phantom of Liberty, and The Discreet
of the Bourgeoisie. Bunuel's book: My Last Breath.

 A List of more DVDs:
- John Ford: How Green was my Valley.
- Karel Reisz: Who'll stop the Rain?
- Ken Loach: Kes.
- Henry King: Twelve O'Clock High.
- Ealing Comedies: set of four.
- Roibert Aldrich: Kiss me Deadly.
- Peter Mullan: The Magdalena Sisters.
- Ingmar Bergman: Cries and Whispers/Winter Light.
- Alan Clarke: Made in Britain.
- Fawlty Towers.
- Michael Powell: The Small Back Room/The Edge of the World/The Life and
  Death of Colonel Blimp/A Matter of Life and Death/A Canterbury Tale.
- Stanley Kubrick: Barry Lindon.
- Kenji Mizoguchi: The Lady of Musashino.
- Akira Kurosawa: Ikiru.
- Fritz Lang: M.
- Lars von Trier: Breaking the Waves.
- Pier-Paolo Pasolini: The Gospel according to St. Matthew.
- Orson Welles: Citizen Kane.
- Yasujiro Ozu: Late Spring/Early Summer/Tokyo Story.
- Pat O'Connor: A Month in the Country.
- Simon Langton: Smiley's People.
- Robert Bresson: Les Dames du Bois de Boulogne.
- Mike Leigh: Topsy Turvy.
- Friedrich Murnau: Nosferatu/Sunrise.


The Versatile Endeavours of Melvyn Brown! 

NOTICE:  'Anglo-Indian The Newsletter' is an individual non-profit venture of Mr. Melvyn Brown, who does not receive any funds from individuals in India or abroad.The work done for the community is a personal non-commercial venture of Mr. Melvyn Brown, who has a deep personal interest in the Anglo-Indian community as well as in the Catholic Church.

This site contains the writings of Mr. Melvyn Brown of Calcutta. An Anglo-Indian Chronicler of the community and Founder & publisher of "Anglo-Indian The Newsletter".Melvyn Brown is also the Founder & Director of the "Ambassadors for Jesus",a Roman Catholic movement, with permission from the Pope, with a newsletter published promoting Catholic Unity.