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This website is dedicated to the late Mr.Eric Reginald Peters, an Anglo-Indian journalist and Editor of the Anglo-Indians In Touch(AIIT), a newsletter, published from Canada.Eric passed away in 2004 leaving behind a wonderful wife Maureen and two successful sons, Clayton the elder son and Russell the younger son, who is also a popular stand-up comic in Canada and the UK.

A Great Husband, Father and Journalist

The Late Mr. Eric Peters was a man who was an avid journalist and he was proud of his Anglo-Indian Heritage and Culture although he spent the most of his years in Canada after immigrating from India.

Mr. Eric Reginald Peters was born on the 25th of October, 1925, in Bombay, Burhanpore, Madhya Pradesh. Eric studied at "Bishop Cotton", Nagpur. Eric's father worked in the Post & Telegraph, while his mother was a housewife. Eric had one sister and one brother. Eric's brother, Arthur Peters was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army. Arthur Peters passed away a few years ago.
Eric Peters worked for several years as a Meat Inspector for the Federal Government of Canada.Eric married Maureen Waike, an Anglo-Indian girl from Calcutta, and they shared a long and happy married life together. Eric was the Editor of the newsletter Anglo-Indians in Touch (AIIT)Canada, for a number of years. Eric Peters passed away on the 15th of March, 2004, peacefully, after a prolonged illness. He is missed by his loving family and dear friends.

39th Wedding Anniversary
A Celebration with the family, 2002

Two sons of proud parents!
Clayton and Russell, Brothers and Buddies!

Website of Russell Peters!

The Avid Journalist and Former Editor of AIIT
A Great Anglo-Indian Gentleman!