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Melvyn Brown
About Me
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A Meeting to Remember
Sr. Nirmala, MC, with Joan and Melvyn Brown

Melvyn Brown's Mission in Life is the Anglo-Indian race and the Catholic Church

Melvyn Brown is the only Indian and Anglo-Indian to create "The World’s First Fairy Tale Storython", ("The Statesman". Calcutta.). His storython record remains unbroken till today.

Melvyn has written and published over two hundred fairytales in India and was "Peter Pan", of the Junior Herald, a Catholic weekly for over eighteen years. He was a regular Storyteller on All-India Radio (AIR), "Calling All Children", a programme on every Sunday.

Christmas at the Home of Melvyn Brown!
Christmas Cheer around the year!
Taking a break from work

What a job!

The writings of Melvyn Brown will transport you to the world of the fairy tale as well as his writings on the community help others to understand the Anglo-Indian race better.

Melvyn is the arm-chair traveller who can carry you to the places and the situations he describes so well in his writings.


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

Braveheart, King Arthur, Pearl Harbour

Melvyn taught Conversational English at "The Calcutta Institutes" at Chowringhee, for over twenty years. Melvyn also taught "Creative English , Composition and Pronunciation", at Loreto Sealdah and Loreto Dharamtalla, in Calcutta, through the medium of the stories and fairy tales. Melvyn Brown was born in Pune. He stays is Calcutta. Melvyn is married to Joan and they have two children.

NOTICE:  'Anglo-Indian The Newsletter' is an individual non-profit venture of Mr. Melvyn Brown, who does not receive any funds from individuals in India or abroad.The work done for the community is a personal non-commercial venture of Mr. Melvyn Brown, who has a deep personal interest in the Anglo-Indian community as well as in the Catholic Church.

This site contains the writings of Mr. Melvyn Brown of Calcutta. An Anglo-Indian Chronicler of the community and Founder & publisher of "Anglo-Indian The Newsletter".Melvyn Brown is also the Founder & Director of the "Ambassadors for Jesus",a Roman Catholic movement, with permission from the Pope, with a newsletter published promoting Catholic Unity.