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Melvyn Brown
Ambassadors For Jesus
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Ambassadors For Jesus





The Ambassadors for Jesus celebrates three decades spent in showcasing Roman Catholic Unity through pageants, prayer meets, all night Vigils, rosary crusades, football tournaments, concerts, awards and a newsletter. The Ambassadors for Jesus, under direction of their Founder Melvyn Brown, and after four Spiritual Advisors, have spread Catholic Evangelization to almost an entire generation of youth and indulgent adults. The truth of the matter was emblazoned in the Latin saying, “Deus volte”, If God wills it.


His Grace, Archbishop S. Lucas Sirkar, sdb, said in his Official letter: “Hearty Congratulations on the occasion of the 30 years of service of AFJ in the Archdiocese of Kolkata. “I assure you of my prayers and blessings on your apostolate”.


The DVD “Colours of Christmas”, produced by Melvyn Brown has also been sent for the 23rd International Catholic Film and Multimedia Festival, “Niepokakanow 2008” Poland.




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In the realms of Lay Catholic evangelization, few have done as much as the Ambassadors For Jesus in Calcutta, India, under the direction of its Founder Melvyn Brown.  The 22nd Millennium Award this year, 2008 is another addition to their repertoire. Preserving sustainable virtues to inspire future generations in the need to

enhance genuine life values is the priority AFJ wields. This year the Awards dominate the Catholic scene with men and women who have gone ' beyond the call of duty ' to handle their immediate world of work and worship : bringing hope and love into difficult situations.


                          Man of the Year, JOSEPH RODGERS.

                         Joseph has had a chequered life, encountering the struggles of the average person and having the courage to assist them in their hour of need. Mr. Rodgers is an

ex-army man , a teacher, educationist and a youth leader extraordinary, who goes out of his orbit most often to help the weak and the helpless. Joe ( as he likes being known by those close to him )is a sincere individual, humble, hard-working and often forgets to know when to take time off. He received 357 nominations more than his rival contender, Michael Robertson.


 Lifetime Achievement for Outstanding work in the field of Travel Agency

and the hospitality industry, LESLIE PEREIRA.


Lifetime Achievement for dedicated Teaching in the area of education,



           Lifetime dedication to Medicine, the sick and infirm. Dr.L. M. HENRY


                           Bridal-Dressmaking Award goes to MARIAN BEAUPERT.


                           Lifetime Achievement in Business. CYRIL CARAPIET.


                           Mother of the Year. GLORIA ANN TAYLOR.


                           The Awards will be presented on Sunday 11th May 2008 at St.Thomas' Church Hall, Middleton Row, Calcutta. INDIA.


                            Winners of the CATHOLIC QUIZ CONTEST will also receive their prizes at the above venue. The Winners are ; First Prize  Sr. Clare Ukken, dsp.  Second Prize Iris Costello  and Third Prize  Ann Mary Etto.


                             Congratulations, Everyone!

Melvyn Brown is the Founder of the Roman Catholic movement for Unity, Ambassadors for Jesus.

NOTICE:  'Anglo-Indian The Newsletter' is an individual non-profit venture of Mr. Melvyn Brown, who does not receive any funds from individuals in India or abroad.The work done for the community is a personal non-commercial venture of Mr. Melvyn Brown, who has a deep personal interest in the Anglo-Indian community as well as in the Catholic Church.

This site contains the writings of Mr. Melvyn Brown of Calcutta. An Anglo-Indian Chronicler of the community and Founder & publisher of "Anglo-Indian The Newsletter".Melvyn Brown is also the Founder & Director of the "Ambassadors for Jesus",a Roman Catholic movement, with permission from the Pope, with a newsletter published promoting Catholic Unity.