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Melvyn Brown
Photo Gallery
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Photo Gallery
Photo Documentation of Functions and Events!

Creators of the Exhibition on Our Lady August 2008
Joan and Melvyn Brown

Ladies in Unity
Together for Mary

Believers in Our Lady
Coming Together in Faith


Melvyn Brown's Mother's Day Celebration
Mothers,Melvyn Brown and Shane Hyrapiet singer!

Melvyn Brown and Award Winning Mother
Mother of the Year 2007

Susan Mantosh, Chief Guest,Mothers Day Celebration
Loreto Day School Calcutta, India!


Melvyn Brown has been working with the Anglo-Indian and the Christian communities in Calcutta,India for over thirty years.An individual effort to make a difference in the world.

NOTICE:  'Anglo-Indian The Newsletter' is an individual non-profit venture of Mr. Melvyn Brown, who does not receive any funds from individuals in India or abroad.The work done for the community is a personal non-commercial venture of Mr. Melvyn Brown, who has a deep personal interest in the Anglo-Indian community as well as in the Catholic Church.

This site contains the writings of Mr. Melvyn Brown of Calcutta. An Anglo-Indian Chronicler of the community and Founder & publisher of "Anglo-Indian The Newsletter".Melvyn Brown is also the Founder & Director of the "Ambassadors for Jesus",a Roman Catholic movement, with permission from the Pope, with a newsletter published promoting Catholic Unity.