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Melvyn Brown
Melvyn in London
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Melvyn Brown Visits London



Dear Friend,


           You are cordially invited to attend the “Melvyn Brown Lectures” at Hounslow, presented by Warren Brown Literary Enterprises Limited.


          Melvyn Brown is a well known Public Speaker, Anglo-Indian Chronicler, author and publisher of several books and two Newsletters, “The Anglo-Indian” and “The All-Parish Paper” in Calcutta, with worldwide circulation and membership. Melvyn is the Founder of the lay Roman Catholic movement, “Ambassadors for Jesus”, which he founded in 1979 with the blessings of the Holy Father Pope John Paul II.                         


          Melvyn is a well known leader of the Anglo-Indian community in India and abroad. Melvyn has published a number of well researched books on the history, heritage and culture of the A-I community.  





Melvyn Brown has also assisted a number of Researchers who have visited him in India who have been compiling their Thesis and research papers on the various aspects of the Anglo-Indian community in India and abroad. Melvyn Brown recently assisted the popular TV and Theatre celebrity-personality, Alistair McGowan discover his Anglo-Indian genealogical roots in India.


        Melvyn will speak about the present burning issues which are so relevant in today’s society. The three topics to be covered are given below:


1. God in Our Lives

2. Pro-Life Spiritual Guardianship

3. Anglo-Indian history, culture and heritage


       Please send an email to confirm your attendance. There is no charge. Refreshments will be given before and after the function. All are welcome to attend.


Yours Sincerely


Warren Brown


The Melvyn Brown Lectures-All Are Welcome

Venue: SS Michael & Martin Church

             Parish Centre

             94 Bath Road



             TW3 3EH

Date: 20 December 2008

Time: 2:00-4:00pm

Email:     Website:

Phone: 0790 885 2230


News, Views, Sights and Sounds of London
              Talk in Hounslow, London
                                                             by Melvyn Brown
   This has been an interesting visit so far and an incredible insight into the mind-set of the British people and their open-heartedness in all things they program. I have had this experience from watching their TV news, serials and especially their reaction to current affairs.
                                 Basically, the problems of the world are not so far removed from each other and the only change would be in the way we handle them or try to understand their values. I hope to have a personal and a one-on-one experience the day I move out and meet the people.
                                 Newspapers have a dramatic impact on the news and in a way give meaning to the present impressions people have a habit of forming. We live in a global village. Communication is faster and always unapologetical in its presentation. Here in London the fact remains closer to the political and home front. The affairs of the nation is always its first priority and the people who run their businesses have always to keep this in mind.


The Work and Mission of Melvyn Brown

NOTICE:  'Anglo-Indian The Newsletter' is an individual non-profit venture of Mr. Melvyn Brown, who does not receive any funds from individuals in India or abroad.The work done for the community is a personal non-commercial venture of Mr. Melvyn Brown, who has a deep personal interest in the Anglo-Indian community as well as in the Catholic Church.

This site contains the writings of Mr. Melvyn Brown of Calcutta. An Anglo-Indian Chronicler of the community and Founder & publisher of "Anglo-Indian The Newsletter".Melvyn Brown is also the Founder & Director of the "Ambassadors for Jesus",a Roman Catholic movement, with permission from the Pope, with a newsletter published promoting Catholic Unity.